A truckie found himself in a tight spot when moving a load of hay through narrow roads of Mt Glorious today.

Photos posted online appears to show the truck getting wedged between a cliff on one side and a barrier holding the truck from going over the edge.

“He is an interstate driver and apparently his GPS sent him this way as he doesn’t know the area” said Garry Cole on Facebook.

He said the load of hay was bound for Toowoomba to help the farmers in need, Garry Cole explains on Facebook while attempting to get others to help out.

As the internet does, people were lining up to have their say on what they would have done, or not done. Thankfully there were just as many sympathetic comments for the driver trying to do good and help the farmers out.

“Feel sorry for him. Hopefully the bales still arrive to the farmers” Linda Allen said. “Bad situation for a bloke trying to do something good” says Chris Weldon.

There are warning signs at the base of the mountain that recommend long vehicles not to use the pass.

Mt Glorious Road closed around 3pm today, re-opened after a couple of hours, the driver was not injured.

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